The Best Modern Laptops for a Small Budget

We live in a technological society. To be successful, most people have to have a laptop. However, many people cannot afford to have the best piece of hardware available. There is no need to worry. There are plenty of different laptops out there that can give you more than enough bang for your buck.


The Chromebook is one of the best all-around laptops on the market. Several different companies manufacture versions of the Chromebook. Instead of running on the typical Windows or Apple OS, it runs on Google’s Chrome OS. One can find these easy and simple to use computers at any local technology shop to fit most budgets.


Another type of computers that would be more geared towards those in school would be the Lenovo Thinkpads. While more expensive versions are available, the cheaper ones hold up under pressure and use quite well. These computers usually come pre-loaded with helpful software, and they also have plenty of juice to last for several back to back classes.


At one time, Dell was one of the best known laptops makers on the market. Though many other manufacturers have risen up, Dell still makes great products that are sure to fit your budget. One of their best budget laptops is the Dell Inspiron 15. While it boasts great graphics, large storage capacity, and long battery life, it still can be found relatively cheap. However, this laptop is heavier than most. This can be a major drawback.


For those that want a laptop with a touchscreen as well, an Asus Transformer Book Flip would be a good choice. The Transformer has a lightweight frame and ability to change from a laptop to a tablet in seconds. This makes it a good choice for someone always on the go. However, these assets do not come without some downsides. It has very little RAM and hard drive space, and some complain that it is not laid out smoothly. With it’s portability and graphics though, those with limited funds should consider it.


Although they make great laptops, Apple can run on the pricy side of things. One should still consider Apple because of their great performance, longevity of life, and various features that everyone can find useful. With student pricing, they can be affordable to some.

Laptop advice

Although we don’t sell laptops as such, CyberCall Computer Repairs Bath are more than happy to help with some free advice. If you are getting a new laptop then note that we don’t just provide laptop repairs but also a data recovery plan, virus protection and security.  All of which are handy for piece of mind when it comes to a new laptop.

Are spotify installing malware on peoples hard drives?

Free Isn’t Always a Good Thing


For some time, Spotify has enjoyed several top-10 rankings, listed as one of the best websites for streaming popular music. Founders, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenzten made a name for themselves by offering a place where subscribers could log in and listen to hear their favorite songs. Although, the site offers a paid subscription, nearly half of its listeners use the free version, which is no surprise. And, like many other free apps, Spotify loads its pages with advertisers enticing listeners to glimpse hundreds of products. The problem, which users have discovered, is the ease of accessibility for hackers posing as legitimate advertisers.

Why Target Spotify Users

Complaints about a potential virus outbreak came from Spotify’s own user forum. Not long after, a wave of subscribers took to Twitter and other social media sites to confirm the problem. Apparently, at least one suspicious ad found on the site was attempting to install maleware. One of the reported symptoms was a serious of unwarranted and continuous launches of Spotify software. Some people, who used virus scans to diagnose the issue, mentioned that Spotify popped up on the list of possible causes. The overall concern is that malicious programmers will infiltrate their computers to steal information and wreak havoc in the process.

Problem Solved . . . Perhaps

Since October, desktop owners who use Spotify have been reporting a high volume of ads flooding their browsers. The company called it an “isolated incident” and assured subscribers that the identified source of the outbreak has been disabled. According to a spokes person, the virus was traced to a particular client app. However, not all users are convinced the problem has been fully resolved.

In fact some are even worried it originated from Spotify’s own software.

As a precaution, the company is urging customers to uninstall any client software that shows signs of any suspicious activity.

What Malware Means for the Future of Spotify

Malware attached to advertisements may not necessarily point to the site as the culprit. Spotify, like others serving a similar purpose, is probably guilty only in its role as a non-complicit platform for hackers. Still, users are unhappy, which puts the future of Spotify’s business in jeopardy. For now, owners appear to have side-step countless uninstalls But the problem (if left unresolved)could cause customers to feel reluctant about signing on as well as halt new subscribers.

What to do if you think your computer is affected

If you feel that there is malware on your hard drive there are steps you can take to get this removed. Ideally you’d want to have a backup to revert to before the malware was found. Should the malware effect your data you can find a data recovery expert to restore your files. Do not open anything suspicious and contact a technician at Computer Repairs Bath if you are unsure.

How to fix issues with ransomwear on your windows PC

As computer users browse the web, an unwanted program installs itself on computers. It asks for money or a survey in exchange for using this software, yet it won’t let you open other software or access the internet. This is ransomware.

Complying doesn’t guarantee freedom. Therefore, retaliation is the only choice. Luckily, ransomware is removable. Combat the perpetrator and regain control of the PC with these systematic solutions.

The First Solution


The simple answer for removal is restarting the computer, entering Safe Mode, and download third-party software to remove the ransomware. However, Windows 10’s Safe Mode is difficult to find. It requires a separate list of instructions.

Safe Mode

1. Shut down the computer.
2. Locate the Shift key on the keyboard.
3. Turn on the PC
4. Press and hold the Shift key immediately.
5. The Shift key brings users to the Advanced Boot Options Menu. Find Troubleshoot, select it, and press Enter. Then, find and select Advanced Options.
6. After pressing enter, find and select Startup Settings. Under startup settings, select restart. The computer will restart and reload with the Startup Settings menu.
7. Select and press Enable Safe Mode.


Install third-party software to remove the ransomware. This must be an on-demand scanner, meaning the scanner operates when you want it, not on a set schedule. Great examples are Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot, and Emisoft Anti-Malware. Perform a full, deep, or complete scan. The scan should catch something. If it catches nothing, install another scanner and perform a full/deep/complete scan until the program catches something suspicious. Allow the scan to finish. Follow the prompts to clean every trace found off the computer. Restart the computer.

The Second Solution

A USB flash drive, CD, or date DVD containing portable scanners will work. The ransomware doesn’t block external drives, so use the scanners installed to remove the infection. If there are no portable scanners installed, use a second computer to install portable antivirus, malware, and spyware on the flash drive or CD/DVD.

The Final Solution

More difficult and aggressive ransomware forces a drastic solution: system restore.
1. Follow 1-5 directions under ‘Safe Mode’
2. In the Advanced Options menu, select System Restore.
3. Follow the prompts to activate system restore.
Understand system restore is a safe and effective method that takes the computer back to a previous time.

Whether the ransomware locks the computer screen or changes registry keys, all eyes are on ransomware. Free the computer from this hostage situation and remove ransomware now.

Virtual Reality – The Next Big Step in the Technology Industry?

It’s hard to go online or visit any sort of tech location without seeing something related to virtual reality. Virtual reality, shortened to VR, is a relatively new trend in practical applications, but the idea has been around for ages. Simulated reality has been the subject of major motion pictures, like The Matrix, but it has a long way to go before it catches up with the imagination of Hollywood. Right now VR is limited to headsets that amount to screens that you wear right in front of your eyes. Some VR headsets are working on the perspective problem now. Once the first hurdle of realism is adequately achieved, the next step will be reducing the cost. As with all new technologies, like smartphones and personal computers, early versions will be prohibitively expensive. There is also upkeep to consider, ensuring devices are kept up to date and similar to computer repair, you will need an expert to help you out should something fail.

The Progression of VR


VR technology is a grand step forward in computer interfaces, but as far as computing itself goes, the main motivations will be in the software department. Most modern computer systems now are powerful enough to run VR equipment, but the problem is the lack of software that can operate the equipment. The technology is still in the experimental stages, even though many manufacturers would have you believe the future is here and now. The difference is that they are constantly updating their technology, so earlier adopters will quickly find their equipment obsolete, much like the bag phones of the earlier cell phone movement.

Once VR becomes the norm, and it almost certainly will, there will be many changes to the world as we know it, but they will be subtle. For instance, the common desk worker might work inside a VR system as opposed to typing away at a keyboard all day. Movies, video games, and TV shows might start to cater to the VR market, which would change the way people view cinema and spend social time enjoying entertainment with one another.

VR Requirements

One thing that is important to remember is that VR systems are just like normal computers, so they need all the support that normal computers receive. Data recovery is one such support system that is vital to computers now, and it will continue to be vital for the computers that are responsible for creating virtual reality. Viruses would still be possible through virtual reality systems, simply because the computers themselves would still be vulnerable and be in need of virus removal. The types of viruses would certainly have to evolve to match the complexity of the system, but it would be easily achievable by the right programmer.

CyberCall are Pleased to Announce: NEW iPad and iPhone Service and Repair

Don’t Make the Mistake Most People Do

Viruses won’t go away on their own, but they will show up uninvited. Data doesn’t manage itself, software and hardware installs aren’t always cut and dry, and directions aren’t always clear. Technology is meant to make things simpler, so what do you do when you need help?

You may have been disappointed if you asked your nephew, dad, or child to assist you when technology seems to work against you. Computer repair is similar to auto repair in its complexity. Don’t make the mistake most people do. Proper maintenance and repair should be performed by a capable and friendly professional.

Experience trumps education, and new viruses, connections, software and hardware evolve by the second. CyberCall Computer Repair Bath evolves with you.

You don’t want to lose your music by mistake when switching iTunes accounts, iPhones, or iPads. You wouldn’t want to install that new graphics card and forget a step that costs you. Back up a device at the wrong juncture and you might lose the very thing you’re trying to save. Making minor mistakes can cause major headaches.

Who is CyberCall Computer Repair Bath?


We began as a gaming center to connect with the community but found that more of our friends needed help with viruses than anything else. We setup WIFI networks before it was cool, and with our collective 30 years of experience, you can trust there’s not much that isn’t second nature to us.

We’re a team of community-oriented, friendly experts. You will find we listen well and can isolate and resolve your issue promptly. Never hesitate to ask us about any problem you may be having with your computer, tablet, phone or other device.

Services Offered

New technology means new problems, and to stay ahead of the curve, we are proud to announce that we now offer support for iTunes, iPhones, iPads and smartphones for those who would like to return to the simplicity and accessibility they love.

As always, we can repair devices at your home or office for all computer viruses, adware, or spyware. This includes cleaning up PC’s, tablets, smartphones, locating faults, running diagnostics, hardwiring your network, installing your printer/scanner, offering free advice, or providing you with quotes over the phone.

Don’t let a problem get worse, call or visit us now!

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