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Spyware Guide

SpywareGuide Articles

    FaceTime Security Labs announced the discovery of a worm that steals users? banking details, usernames and passwords. The worm, known as MW.Orc, is propagating through Orkut, Google?s social networking site, as users launch an executable file disguised as a JPEG. Google has a temporary fix in place
  • The Digital Underground: Interview with RinCe
    This is Part TWO of a series of write-ups focusing on the recent threat to E-Commerce systems via potential IM (Instant Messaging) attack vectors and more besides, by way of a remotely installed administration tool and custom-built scripts, designed to find vulnerabilities in third-party payment sys
  • Property Values, Satellite Maps and Zillow
    A new service called Zillow allows you to easily access the value of your home…and your neighbors and even their neighbors. SpywareGuide articles are sponsored by FaceTime Communications, providing solutions for securing and controlling IM, P2P and Spyware Greynets.
  • Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad Announced
    Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination (PIRT) Squad formed. SpywareGuide articles are sponsored by FaceTime Communications, providing solutions for securing and controlling IM, P2P and Spyware Greynets.
  • Steganography- Hiding Information Inside of Information
    Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the content is obscured. The word “S
  • Instant Messaging E-Commerce Exploits- Judgement Day
    Just when you thought it was safe to back into the waters the world of IM just become far more malicious than ever. An attack that can even occur from a trusted source. Beware- clicking that link can open up Pandora’s box. SpywareGuide articles are sponsored by FaceTime Communications, providing so
  • Self-Propagating Worm Installs Unsafe “Safety Browser”
    Research experts at FaceTime Security Labs identified and reported a new threat today affecting Yahoo! Messenger. A self-propagating worm, named yhoo32.explr, installs “Safety Browser” and hijacks the Internet Explorer homepage, leading users to a site that puts spyware on their PCs. Because Safety
  • Spyware Warriors and the Digital UnderGround: Part 1 Podcast
    Ever wonder what goes down in the back channels and dark alleys of the Internet? How spyware hunters find and penetrate botnets? Don’t just read about- now you can hear it on your PC, download it to your iPod or device of your choice. SpywareGuide articles are sponsored by FaceTime Communications,
  • Spyware Hunters Shock and Awe- Podcast Teaser
    This is only a small taste of what is yet to come as Jeff Molander interviews a pair of Facetime Security Lab’s top guns on a botnet bust that will astound you. SpywareGuide articles are sponsored by FaceTime Communications, providing solutions for securing and controlling IM, P2P and Spyware Greyn
  • Spyware Warriors: The Digital Underground Part One – Read the Transcript
    One fateful day, while walking the halls of a CNET spyware conference last year Wayne Porter meets up with Chris Boyd and they team to make-up one of the key elements in Facetime Communication’s Security Labs. This is a transcript from part one of their interview with Jeff Molander at Thoughtshapers
Latest antivirus news
Please find our news list from various different ANTIVIRUS vendors for antivirus news, the chances are if there is a breakout of either new computer spyware or virus you will find it on our site. Many thanks to the Vendors for supplying this valuable information.

ROGUE SPYWARE AND MALWARE :   Antivirus 7 | CleanUp Antivirus | Security Central | Security Antivirus | Total PC Defender 2010 | Vista Antivirus Pro 2010 | Your PC Protector | Vista Internet Security 2010 | XP Guardian | Vista Guardian 2010 | Antivirus Soft | XP Internet Security 2010 | Antivir 2010 | Live PC Care | Malware Defense | Internet Security 2010 | Desktop Defender 2010 | Security Tool | Antivirus Live | Personal Security | Cyber Security | Alpha Antivirus | Windows Enterprise Suite | Security Center | Control Center | Braviax | Windows Police Pro | Antivirus Pro 2010 | PC Antispyware 2010 | FraudTool.MalwareProtector.d | Winshield2009.com | Green AV | Windows Protection Suite | Total Security 2009 | Windows System Suite | Antivirus BEST | System Security | Personal Antivirus | System Security 2009 | Malware Doctor | Antivirus System Pro | WinPC Defender | Anti-Virus-1 | Spyware Guard 2008 | System Guard 2009 | Antivirus 2009 | Antivirus 2010 | Antivirus Pro 2009 | Antivirus 360 | MS Antispyware 2009 | IGuardPC | I Guard PC Additional Guard.

There are many more about, this is a just a list of the more common that are now showing up on laptops and computers.



Latest information about spyware threats to your computer. Get new and updated information how to detect and remove spyware and protect your PC from parasites.

Spyware guide 2

  • Cydoor: 637,577 kills
    “The Cydoor Technologies delivers highly targeted advertising directly to desktops in advertising enabled software applications. Cydoor’s SoftClick Optimization Engine ensures that advertising is delivered to the precise target audience. “
  • IEPlugin: 462,711 kills
  • Gator: 1,183,301 kills
  • Huntbar: 655,370 kills
    HuntBar is a toolbar providing searching features, which is added to every new Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer window. It also changes your home page and search bar settings to point to HuntBar’s servers, and automatically opens this search bar when it detects you using any other search e
  • ISTbar: 627,781 kills
    ISTbar is an IE toolbar, homepage- and search-hijacker provided by Integrated Search Technologies/CDT Inc. Installed by ActiveX drive-by download on affiliate sites, typically porn adverts, from April 2003. At least ISTbar/AUpdate is known to install using aggressive JavaScript (opening an error
  • WhenU-DesktopBar: 613,978 kills
  • New.Net: 484,731 kills
  • CoolWebSearch: 1,024,304 kills
    One of the most infamous hijackers known to date. Comes in a variety of versions, all using different techniques. Handle with extreme care! CoolWebSearch is a name given to a wide range of different browser hijackers. Though the code is very different between variants, they are all used to r
  • 180 Search Assistant: 784,346 kills
    Company appears to have evolved from the old “paid-to-surf” program Epipo. Comes along with some “advertiser supported” programs, a tactic known as bundling. Depending on the program (180 Solutions markets several) it may pop-up ads or in the case of the Zango application it may pop-up other
  • Alexa Toolbar: 449,382 kills
    Alexa web search — a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool. Features an Amazon shopping button on the product and anonymously aggregates surfing information. Provides clear EULA as well as opt-out instru

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