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Let us take the pain out of setting up and establishing an account with Itunes.

We can come to the comfort of your home and take the mystery out of connecting, not just apple products but any mobile device or communication equipment, including Security Cameras, Web Cams, Mobile Phones, Microphones, Wireless Equipment, WIFI and Printers etc.

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About Bath Computer Repairs
We are a small business based in the centre of Bath. Pete Rees and myself (lee Maggs), have both been repairing computers for over 30 years between us. Pete carries out most of the desktop and laptop repairs, and I specialise in virus and spyware removal.

Pete comes from a background of over 25 years of computer programming and PC maintenance in the city of London. His specialities include advanced performance PC builds, PC repair, laptop repair, Microsoft operating system maintenance / repair, database programming and network design, configuration and maintenance.

I started ‘Virtual Realm’ – a gaming and internet cafe in 1998 with Pete Rees, between us we went on to co-found the ‘VGA’ (Virtual Gaming Alliance), which was an alliance for gaming cafe’s across the UK. This gave me an insight into building the fastest stable networks and with WIFI just around the corner, we were one of the first in the UK to set-up and configure our own WIFI network! My other speciality came from dealing with viruses and other forms of malware. At the time, viruses regularly hit our gaming network of over 60 PC’s, which were not protected because of the need for performance, which would have been compromised by anti-virus software. Over a period of several years, we were hit by pretty much every possible virus, such as Nimda, which spread itself around networks like wildfire. We removed so many viruses that the black art of virus removal became second nature to us. With the aid of this huge experience, I started a website for viruses and spyware back in 2004. This site quickly became a major leader in its area, unfortunately because we were under constant attack from hackers, we agreed with our internet service providers to close the site down, as it was impossible to keep running on the budget we had to fund the site. All this experience has allowed us to offer a professional repair service that has been developed by years of real life experience.

In addition to virus and spyware removal, the running of the ‘Virtual Realm’ games network served as a valuable training ground for building and repairing PC’s and laptops. The heavy unrestricted use of the PC’s also required the constant maintenance and repair of all flavours of the Microsoft operating system including the new Windows 7.

Both Pete and my-self are always available for a chat, we are happy to talk to you. Give us a call about your PC; if it is something we could correct over the phone, we would most likely do it for free!