How to fix issues with ransomwear on your windows PC

As computer users browse the web, an unwanted program installs itself on computers. It asks for money or a survey in exchange for using this software, yet it won’t let you open other software or access the internet. This is ransomware.

Complying doesn’t guarantee freedom. Therefore, retaliation is the only choice. Luckily, ransomware is removable. Combat the perpetrator and regain control of the PC with these systematic solutions.

The First Solution


The simple answer for removal is restarting the computer, entering Safe Mode, and download third-party software to remove the ransomware. However, Windows 10’s Safe Mode is difficult to find. It requires a separate list of instructions.

Safe Mode

1. Shut down the computer.
2. Locate the Shift key on the keyboard.
3. Turn on the PC
4. Press and hold the Shift key immediately.
5. The Shift key brings users to the Advanced Boot Options Menu. Find Troubleshoot, select it, and press Enter. Then, find and select Advanced Options.
6. After pressing enter, find and select Startup Settings. Under startup settings, select restart. The computer will restart and reload with the Startup Settings menu.
7. Select and press Enable Safe Mode.


Install third-party software to remove the ransomware. This must be an on-demand scanner, meaning the scanner operates when you want it, not on a set schedule. Great examples are Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot, and Emisoft Anti-Malware. Perform a full, deep, or complete scan. The scan should catch something. If it catches nothing, install another scanner and perform a full/deep/complete scan until the program catches something suspicious. Allow the scan to finish. Follow the prompts to clean every trace found off the computer. Restart the computer.

The Second Solution

A USB flash drive, CD, or date DVD containing portable scanners will work. The ransomware doesn’t block external drives, so use the scanners installed to remove the infection. If there are no portable scanners installed, use a second computer to install portable antivirus, malware, and spyware on the flash drive or CD/DVD.

The Final Solution

More difficult and aggressive ransomware forces a drastic solution: system restore.
1. Follow 1-5 directions under ‘Safe Mode’
2. In the Advanced Options menu, select System Restore.
3. Follow the prompts to activate system restore.
Understand system restore is a safe and effective method that takes the computer back to a previous time.

Whether the ransomware locks the computer screen or changes registry keys, all eyes are on ransomware. Free the computer from this hostage situation and remove ransomware now.

 How to fix issues with ransomwear on your windows PC

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