Virtual Reality – The Next Big Step in the Technology Industry?

It’s hard to go online or visit any sort of tech location without seeing something related to virtual reality. Virtual reality, shortened to VR, is a relatively new trend in practical applications, but the idea has been around for ages. Simulated reality has been the subject of major motion pictures, like The Matrix, but it has a long way to go before it catches up with the imagination of Hollywood. Right now VR is limited to headsets that amount to screens that you wear right in front of your eyes. Some VR headsets are working on the perspective problem now. Once the first hurdle of realism is adequately achieved, the next step will be reducing the cost. As with all new technologies, like smartphones and personal computers, early versions will be prohibitively expensive. There is also upkeep to consider, ensuring devices are kept up to date and similar to computer repair, you will need an expert to help you out should something fail.

The Progression of VR


VR technology is a grand step forward in computer interfaces, but as far as computing itself goes, the main motivations will be in the software department. Most modern computer systems now are powerful enough to run VR equipment, but the problem is the lack of software that can operate the equipment. The technology is still in the experimental stages, even though many manufacturers would have you believe the future is here and now. The difference is that they are constantly updating their technology, so earlier adopters will quickly find their equipment obsolete, much like the bag phones of the earlier cell phone movement.

Once VR becomes the norm, and it almost certainly will, there will be many changes to the world as we know it, but they will be subtle. For instance, the common desk worker might work inside a VR system as opposed to typing away at a keyboard all day. Movies, video games, and TV shows might start to cater to the VR market, which would change the way people view cinema and spend social time enjoying entertainment with one another.

VR Requirements

One thing that is important to remember is that VR systems are just like normal computers, so they need all the support that normal computers receive. Data recovery is one such support system that is vital to computers now, and it will continue to be vital for the computers that are responsible for creating virtual reality. Viruses would still be possible through virtual reality systems, simply because the computers themselves would still be vulnerable and be in need of virus removal. The types of viruses would certainly have to evolve to match the complexity of the system, but it would be easily achievable by the right programmer.

 Virtual Reality – The Next Big Step in the Technology Industry?

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