CyberCall are Pleased to Announce: NEW iPad and iPhone Service and Repair

Don’t Make the Mistake Most People Do

Viruses won’t go away on their own, but they will show up uninvited. Data doesn’t manage itself, software and hardware installs aren’t always cut and dry, and directions aren’t always clear. Technology is meant to make things simpler, so what do you do when you need help?

You may have been disappointed if you asked your nephew, dad, or child to assist you when technology seems to work against you. Computer repair is similar to auto repair in its complexity. Don’t make the mistake most people do. Proper maintenance and repair should be performed by a capable and friendly professional.

Experience trumps education, and new viruses, connections, software and hardware evolve by the second. CyberCall Computer Repair Bath evolves with you.

You don’t want to lose your music by mistake when switching iTunes accounts, iPhones, or iPads. You wouldn’t want to install that new graphics card and forget a step that costs you. Back up a device at the wrong juncture and you might lose the very thing you’re trying to save. Making minor mistakes can cause major headaches.

Who is CyberCall Computer Repair Bath?


We began as a gaming center to connect with the community but found that more of our friends needed help with viruses than anything else. We setup WIFI networks before it was cool, and with our collective 30 years of experience, you can trust there’s not much that isn’t second nature to us.

We’re a team of community-oriented, friendly experts. You will find we listen well and can isolate and resolve your issue promptly. Never hesitate to ask us about any problem you may be having with your computer, tablet, phone or other device.

Services Offered

New technology means new problems, and to stay ahead of the curve, we are proud to announce that we now offer support for iTunes, iPhones, iPads and smartphones for those who would like to return to the simplicity and accessibility they love.

As always, we can repair devices at your home or office for all computer viruses, adware, or spyware. This includes cleaning up PC’s, tablets, smartphones, locating faults, running diagnostics, hardwiring your network, installing your printer/scanner, offering free advice, or providing you with quotes over the phone.

Don’t let a problem get worse, call or visit us now!

 CyberCall are Pleased to Announce: NEW iPad and iPhone Service and Repair

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